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 photo ARTHUR_zps3j5azulk.png  photo MERLINBUENA_zps9ozzs7fs.png  photo MORGANAa_zps1gylzt9k.png

Made for the merlin challenge at [ profile] icontalking.

 photo ARTHUR_zps3j5azulk.png  photo GWAINE_zpsjpll0kxm.png  photo NIMUEH 2_zpswz42uurw.png
 photo UTHER_zpswbd9l5xp.png  photo MORGAUSE_zpswjdzjdrn.png  photo MORDRED_zpsthys3xm3.png
 photo MERLINBUENA_zps9ozzs7fs.png  photo MITHIAN_zpsxjb688bc.png  photo LEON_zpssg4ncsq2.png
 photo GWEN_zpsb2v4wmyg.png  photo ELYAN_zpspj7yuwmm.png  photo LANCELOT_zpsidr2ys0r.png
 photo GAIUS_zpsayguaxak.png  photo PERCIVAL_zpsk5m4hqzy.png  photo MORGANAa_zps1gylzt9k.png

+ {credit andiwould if you take, please!
+ {comments of any type are lovely;
+ {do not claim as your own;
+ {do not repost/redistribute/hotlink;

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