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I don't know if anyone in my flist watches this show, but I just mean to say that the finale was wonderful.

We finally saw Will and Hannibal killing together -- I MEAN, murder husbands for real now -- and it was brilliant, it was all I ever wanted. All the 'can't live with him, can't live without him' that had been repeated all throughout this season was handled so well in the final ep, especially as we were watching Will and Hannibal's inability to witness each other die at Francis' hands. Their last lines and Will embracing his inner demons at last was beautiful, as he said.

Besides, Francis death was visually flawless and top-notch, though I'd have wished to see more of him in other seasons because he had so much more potential. I think he has definitely become one of the best characters.

So if that was the ending, it was definitely perfect, and if not, then I'm ready for more. Hannibal is one of my favourite shows. It's a pity to see it go (judging you rn, nbc), but I'm not losing hope because Brian Fuller & the De Laurentiis Company are awesome.

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