02/09/2015 01:21 pm
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[ profile] winterknights is a prompt based fest for the winter holidays -
Christmas, Hanukkah, Traditional Yule, Winter Solstice, or New Years celebrations are all welcome!

Prompting: September 1
Signups: September 10
Submissions Due: December 1

AHH, this sounds like fun! I shouldn't sign up, but it's 500 words only so, why not!


06/02/2015 11:53 am
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AC Banner 500 size

[ profile] aftercamlann, the Merlin Big Bang is Back for 2015!

Sign ups are now open HERE for Writers, Artists, Betas & Cheerleaders. Come be part of the fun this year!

it's back!

10/08/2014 02:59 pm
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[banner art by [ profile] chrssc.]

Aw, I remember how at first I really wasn't into mpreg at all because it was just too weird to imagine, but I fell for it in the end and now I enjoy reading all the cute fics that come out of the comm each year, so I can't wait to see what this new round brings! Maybe I'll even try writing something myself this year :)

Big bang!

08/07/2014 11:30 am
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Come join the Dragon Big Bang! Sign ups start June 2nd!
Author Sign-ups | Artist Sign-ups

it's back;

15/09/2013 06:44 pm
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Prompting for round 3 opens October 1st, 2013!
F.A.Q. // Support // Tumblr

I've never participated in this fest since I've joined lj pretty late, but I've read a lot of fics that have come out from here. I'm glad to see it back, though I do not need more temptations.

new comm;

01/09/2013 03:26 pm
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[ profile] merlin_writers - for Word Wars and Whatnot!

We offer support, encouragement and inspiration for your writing!


16/08/2013 06:29 pm
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Welcome to merlin_sexstars!

A new Merlin fan community/fest focused on fanfiction and art that includes rentboys, porn stars, strippers, sex slaves, and escorts!

All eras, genres, pairings, and ratings are welcome as long as the posted work meets the theme of the community. (Sex and money and money for sex!)

I know I shouldn't but I also know I will.
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I know I'm a bit late, but IT'S HERE. I loooved [ profile] merlin_horror last year. I missed out the sign ups but the stories were all fantastic. I can't say if I'll participate for sure (I probaly will), but I want to prompt all the things. I'm terrible at plotting horror/action storylines, but when I read over all the prompts in a week I'll make a decision about signing up or not. Anywayss, go and prompt away!

ALSO, since I'm promoting comms, there's this new comm which sounds totally awesome and [ profile] anivhee pointed out to me, and now I feel like I have to point out to you as well, because WE NEED MERLIN PROMPTS. I'm talking about the [ profile] badsexfest, I don't know if you've heard about it, but it's a multifandom comm for fics where things go wrong during sex. I've found a prompt I like and I'm filling it, so yay. Go and check it out, and hopefully we'll leave some Merlin prompts for the next round.

I've just posted my first entry for the [ profile] summerpornathon WEEEEE. I can't believe I've been put with the most awesome people, seriously, I couldn't be more happy with my team. I loved the first challenge, and I wanted to write all the kinks but 750 words is not near enough, especially not for me, because I can never write anything under 1K and I've had to re-edit my entry a million times to fit the wordcount. A few of the kinks have actually inspired me to write another Merlin/Arthur/Gwaine PWP that I've been wanting to do for ages, so I'm going to go for it, only I won't be using it for the pthon, I'll post it separately if I manage to finish it, hopefully.

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Man, I can't believe I've signed up for three challenges. This summer is going to be SO MUCH FUN.

short rambling you can totally skip )

I hope you're all doing fine :)

Come join the Dragon Big Bang! Sign ups start June 1st!
Author Sign-ups | Artist Sign-ups



(signups June 13-21!)
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Well, I've been following the comm since it opened, though I haven't been participating—but I'm planning to join the rewatches in a month after I finish with uni. Anyway, comment fests are awesome, and I don't know if I'll be able to write something for it, but I'll leave this here so other people can go leave a prompt and participate.

Join the fun at [ profile] merlin_forever with the Merlin Series One Comment Fest!

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Soo, I've never pimped anything before (I flail) but I have to now because 1) THE BANNER IS SO FUCKING CUTE, AW, and 2) because I'm participating, so I thought why not.

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