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50 merlin icons made for [ profile] merlinstills for different challenges;

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18 arthur/bradley icons made for [ profile] bradleystills for different challenges;

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Made for [ profile] inspired20in20. I've been wanting to make some teen wolf icons for a while because there's a lot of pretty stuff all over tumblr that's been inspiring me. Teen wolf has so many great caps and I've been experimenting a lot to make these —hence the 170(!) icons—, so hopefully they are good enough.

*no spoilers.

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I'm so so late I was about not to make them, but in the end I decided to stop being lazy, open photoshop, and get to work. Maybe they are kinda sloppy because I made them really quickly, but anyways, here you go.

{20} merlin icons for [ profile] merlin20in20.

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Made for [ profile] merlin20in20.

I'm posting these now because I'm going to be busy with exams this entire week and half of the next, so I won't be in time for the deadline if I leave it for later. Hope you like them :3
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{25} made for [ profile] inspired20in20, round 21: #masquerade.
{10} others.

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So, this happened.
Can he never ever get his hair cut again, pretty please? I'm in love.
Anyway, here, have some hairporn appreciation.

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