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I don't know if anyone in my flist watches this show, but I just mean to say that the finale was wonderful.


So if that was the ending, it was definitely perfect, and if not, then I'm ready for more. Hannibal is one of my favourite shows. It's a pity to see it go (judging you rn, nbc), but I'm not losing hope because Brian Fuller & the De Laurentiis Company are awesome.
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So a few friends recommended me to watch the show a few months back but I've never liked zombies much so I decided not to. But, recently, the same people and tumblr have managed to convince me otherwise and I've given it a chance. I've watched the one-hour long nine episodes in a day (I'm on holidays, okay, there's loads of free time), and let me tell you, SO WORTH IT, it needs to get another series. It's really good, the idea is so clever and original. The characters are deep, most of them, and so very easy to fall in love with, and the show has the right amount of everything, really; family, friendship, love, drama, action, supernatural stuff. It's quite impressive (and the british accent is exquisite). Plus Simon and Kieren are so lovely (flaps hands about), IS2G it's been a while since I've shipped someone like this after the merlin finale (don't talk to me), and these two don't even have half the amount of scenes as merthur do, but still they are pretty nice and have potential.

Anyways, I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you have seen it, COME TALK TO ME ABOUT IT, and if you haven't, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? GO AND WATCH IT RTFN, it needs more ratings to get another series!
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Sooooo, okay, this was my first time going to a con like this, and let me tell you, it was fucking perfect, I'm in love with the boys. there are not only incredibly talented but they really are as nice as they seem.
The panel was a real experience; Rupert and Tom sang (a rap!), Tom and Eoin recreated their last scene from the finale, they told us pranks from set, Eoin told us about his upcoming project, they gave us their opinion on Colin & Bradley, Eoin proposed a new series with the knights (Gwaine and the slaves, ha!) and much more. it was loads of fun, and they got along so well between them that the ambience was incredible. I have to say, though, I was reaaally surprised with Rupert because he was so gentle and kind answering all the questions, plus he looked super handsome with that new haircut and without his beard!
Also, I got to make a picture with the four of them and is2g i almost died right there. I had my little moment with them, exchanged a few words - they all have the MOST beautiful blue eyes, oh god- and it was awesome. Eoin was the sweetest, he called me sweetheart and grabbed my hand as i left and askjhvahjs, yeah. Alex told me he liked my shirt, which I'd made especially for the con (it had the druid symbol on it) and Tom and Rupert were all smiley. It was really cool :)

If you wanna go to the best bits:
· Rupert tells us why Sir Leon is the true star of Merlin and not Merlin -> 06:37
· Eoin forces Rupert to sing (kinda!)-> 08:43
· Tom and Eoin repeating Percy and Gwaine's final scene -> 10:06
· Sir Leon as 'Jesus' (you know what I'm talking about) -> 12:00
· Eon tells us about 'Gwaine and the slaves' -> 15:50
· Tom sings a rap (CAN'T MISS THIS!!)-> 22:05
· They give their opinion on the ending of the show -> 25:25
· Their thoughts on Bradley, Colin and the cast (tears in my eyes) -> 30:30
· Rupert getting emotional and missing the beginnings of the show (I wanted to hug him) -> 35:45

*And sorry if you hear me laughing or talking in hushed voices in the background but I was so comfortable and excited that I sometimes forgot I was filming!

pics below )
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HIIII, PEOPLE! I've been super absent for the past eight months or so and I have good reasons for it, I promise. University and my bf have stolen all the time from me, but now that I'm done with my exams and summer's here I'm back and ready to write my arse off again. I miss it and I miss being around here reading amazing stories, commenting and talking to you, so I'm planning on writing new stuff and participating in fests and the like. I had to drop off from a lot of fest I had joined to, but the stories are still halfway written, and I definitely mean to finish and publish them, so hopefully I will do that soon. I too need to reply to comments and update my journal, so I'll be doing that in the next few days :)

Also, I got my tickets for the WIZARDCON that's taking place here in my country in about two weeks, and I'm going to be seeing Eoin, Alex, Tom and Rupert. Yayyy, I'm really excited about the con and about meeting all four of them.

PD: Does anyone know anything about if [ profile] merlinvacations is still going to happen? The posting dates and everything should've been posted and the check-in was supposed to be the other day but there are no new publications?

PD2: I've written a fill to this KMM meme, and I'm in need of a beta. If anyone were to be interested in helping me out I'll be infinitely gratefull ^^

I'm happy to be back. See you around!

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