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Even If I don't use LJ that much at all anymore, after the last terms of service update I felt like it was for the best to create an account here since half of the fandom also seems to be here anyways.

I plan to come back to writing soon. Hope you're all doing great.

Tracking you down!

Date: 18/04/2017 12:21 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] moonflower999
I don't mean to pester you. I just wanted to re-read a story of yours on AO3, and the link didn't work, so I started sleuthing. Thankfully, I found your other stories there. Then I looked at your profile, and saw that you aren't using LJ much, so I signed up here just to reach you. I hope you feel flattered rather than stalked, and promise to go away quietly if you like :)!
The story I was looking for is called Time and Again. I found it really touching, and was hoping there's a place to find it? I only learned recently that if I really want to read a story again I need to download it rather than saving the link...I've had a few unhappy surprises lately!

Hope you don't mind me asking!



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